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Registered Valuer of paper money, stocks and bonds and historical documents according to European Norm EN - 45013

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How to search and bid items


You can look at the bonds and shares, documents and lots category by theme or country. Just go over the word bonds and shares or documents with your mouse. Wait for a second and a box appears with country and theme. Go over the word you choose with your mouse and wait for one second again. Then a list with all countries or all themes appears. Click the country or theme you are looking for.

You can browse all other items easily by going with your mouse over a category. You will get a box with all countries after a second. Click the country you are looking for and browse through the items. If you click a category you will get a list with all items in that category.

Off course you can browse through the total auction. If you click Auction 16 the complete auctionlist will open.


You are able to search through the whole auction or just a category.

For the whole auction first click “Auction 16”, then fill in the word(s) you want to search for and click the search button. If you want to search only in one category like checks, first select the checks from a dropdown, then fill in what you are searching for and click the search button.

If you want to undo a search command just press the “Auction 16” button again.


If you want to make a bid you will have to log-in first. If this is the first time with Corné Akkermans Auctions you have to register first. Please click the register for free button and fill out the registration form. After accepting our terms and conditions and privacy policy press the register button. Automatically you will receive an e-mail for the confirmation of your registration. Read it carefully and send the confirmation back by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail. After this you can log-in and make your bid(s).

If you are interested in an item please open the detail page of the item by clicking on the picture or link. If the auction is open for bidding you can bid from here. The opening bid and highest bid at that moment are shown. If you want to place a bid please click the button "place your bid". In the next screen the first next bidstep is already been filled in for your convenience. You can click the button "Place your bid" again to bid the next bidstep. After clicking the button "Confirm your bid" in the next screen you have succesfully bid the next bidstep.
There is another way too. You can fill in the amount you want as you highest bid in the detail page. Our system will place your bids for you up to your maximum limit. Let me give you an example of what our system does.
If an item has a bid of 10 euros but your maximum bid is 100 euros. The system will bid 15 euros for you. One bidstep over the highest bid at that moment. If another registered person bids 20 euros, the system will automatically bid 25 euros for you. This will continue untill your maximum bid is reached. So in other words you never pay more than one bidstep over the second highest bid.

After you have placed a bid an e-mail with the confirmation of the bid is send to your e-mail adress. When you are outbid you will also receive an outbid notification in your inbox. The bids you are winning and loosing can also be viewed on your MyBids page after you have logged in. If you are outbid on an item, you can place a new bid from this list too.

We wish you all good luck with your bids.

The Corné Akkermans Auctions Team